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The trust of donors and collaborators is very important for CINDE. That is why we audit our annual accounts and have also gone through the independent analysis of Fundación Lealtad, complying with all the principles of transparency and good practices in management. You can consult the report here.

We also invite you to read our latest activity report and audited annual accounts:

Annual report 2020

Annual accounts 2020

Audit report 2020

Last of all, this is the Board of CINDE Foundation:

  • President: Victor de Felipe Boente
  • Vicepresident: Joaquín Larrea García Morato
  • Secretary and vocal: María Heliodora Bazal González
  • Vocal and Director: Beatriz de Felipe Aguilera
  • Vocal: Ana Cristina Inclán Nafría
  • Vocal: Alfonso Rengifo Cavestany
  • Vocal: Clara Barrio Lema